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With extensive experience working with Fortune 500 firms, Pendulum Associates offers deep industry insight and expertise, and scalable solutions to optimize working capital, free cash flow and payment terms for organizations of all sizes.
From strategy creation to execution, Pendulum Associates aligns payment terms to industry standards through benchmark reporting and terms optimization, providing cost savings across your supply chain and directly improving free cash flow, DPO, working capital and other important KPIs.



With access to trillions of dollars of active spend data, Pendulum Associates recommends the right payment term through a 100% data-driven analysis, benchmarking your suppliers to industry standard payment terms.


Proven Process

Pendulum Associates takes on the heavy lift of terms optimization including supplier communication, terms alignment, automated campaign deployment, project management and more.



Pendulum Associates leverages a robust tech stack that allows for automation to drive efficiencies (90-120 day engagement), eliminate human error and provide reporting capabilities to ensure full transparency.

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