Pendulum Services


We provide your company a full, customized working capital analysis and strategic plan with data-driven supplier analysis and clear, measurable financial goals.

  • Terms analysis
  • Strategic consultation
  • Actionable plan
  • Opportunity sizing
  • Best practice documentation

Engage and Train

This tier provides everything that comes with our Engage offering, in addition to training for your team on developing a robust communication strategy, executing follow-up programs and ensuring systemwide alignment to measure results.

  • Includes our Engage offering
  • Teaching your team to drive the plan independently
  • Laying out your actionable project plan
  • Determining all the necessary materials
  • Sharing exception processes
  • Advising potential policy needs

Engage, Train and Implement

Our most comprehensive solution includes a Six Sigma-based working capital analysis and training for your team, as well as a complete, fully-managed solution to drive measurable financial performance.

  • Includes our Engage offering
  • Includes our Engage and Train offering
  • End-to-end project management
  • Thorough risk management analysis
  • Development and execution of letters, direct mailers and email communications
  • Tier 1 supplier support through a dedicated email account
  • Updated standardized and exempt terms in your system

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