About Pendulum Associates

Pendulum Associates is a boutique consulting agency helping companies meet their working capital needs by optimizing cash conversion cycles to meet industry standards and stay competitive. We roll up our sleeves and work closely with client teams to deliver an in-depth working capital analysis and a full suite of services to launch revised terms and communication plans.

We are an experienced, full-service agency that offers turnkey solutions to find economic efficiencies in complex supply chains for some of the country’s largest enterprises.

Companies that enlist Pendulum’s expertise typically begin to see value from our process in 12 to 17 weeks after implementation. While many of our competitors rely on public information to advise companies, Pendulum believes in examining our clients’ individual capital needs and competitive landscapes in order to devise a customized solution.

Pendulum provides true standardization and harmonization — not a cookie-cutter solution — for industry-leading companies and their trading partners.

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Overall Project Results

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Client Case Studies

Our working capital initiatives have worked for many industry-leading clients:

Fortune 250 Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Fortune 250 Consumer Packaged Goods Company

More than $4 million in new terms discounts with 1,200 suppliers and $500 million in annual spend.

Fortune 100 Insurance Company

Fortune 100 Insurance Company

$151 million in working capital and a 30-day improvement in Average Payment Terms with 1,275 suppliers and $1.8 billion in annual spend.

Large Adhesives Company

Large Adhesives Company

$113 million in working capital and a 36-day increase in Average Payment Terms with over 17,000 suppliers and a $2 billion in annual spend.

Fortune 100 Telecom Company

Fortune 100 Telecom Company

$325 million in working capital and a 40-day increase in Average Payment Terms with over 8,100 suppliers and a $5.2 billion in annual spend.

Fortune 300 Automotive Company

Fortune 300 Automotive Company

$65 million in working capital and a 45-day improvement in Average Payment Terms with 11,000 suppliers and $1 billion in annual spend.

Pendulum Team Leaders

Picture of Kitty Patel

Kitty Patel, President

Kitty’s Focus: Supply Chain, Accounts Payable and Consulting

Background: Global supply chain finance, supply chain and payment terms optimization

Experience: Kitty brings more than two decades of experience in the supply chain arena. She has created and operated a global SCF program, which involves close alliance with treasury, supply chain, accounts payable, IT and executive sponsors. She also has experience working with global banks providing SCF. In her current role, Kitty leads a global team that is helping clients unlock working capital to meet their cash flow needs.

Specialties: Terms optimization, supplier negotiations, SCM training and process development

Picture of Alex Retzer

Alex Retzer, Managing Director, Head of Sales

Alex’s Focus: Working capital improvement and terms optimization

Background: Consulting, banking, finance, fintech

Experience: Alex brings more than +10 years of experience in banking/finance. Having held previous roles in both sales and sales leadership at UMB Bank and C2FO, Alex leads all sales efforts for Pendulum.

Specialties: Terms optimization, working capital improvement, change management, working capital strategy consulting

Picture of Brandy Boswell

Brandy Boswell, Sr. Engagement Manager

Brandy’s Focus: Working capital, terms optimization

Background: Project management and execution, terms optimization, accounts payable

Experience: Brandy brings a range of project management and communications experience that guarantees smooth implementation for clients. She creates and executes working capital advisory projects and materials, bringing clarity and efficiency to vendor communications, negotiations, and resolutions. Her years of experience in tracking and reporting keep projects on task, and she integrates automation and coaching that empower client teams.

Specialties: Client management, project development and coordination, process improvement, communications

Picture of John-Daniel Cory

John-Daniel Cory, Operations Analyst

John-Daniel’s Focus: Working Capital Project Implementation and Financial Analytics

Background: Finance, Fintech, Project Management

Experience: John Daniel has worked within Pendulum for the past two years. During this time, he has worked as an operations specialist and later analyst while earning his MBA with a concentration in International Business.

Specialties: Financial Analysis, Working Capital Consulting, Peer Analysis/Benchmarking, Data Handling

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