Gain control over your cash conversion cycle

Pendulum Associates works closely with your company to deliver an in-depth solution to optimizing the cash conversion cycle, driving growth for you and your suppliers.

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An ethical, reliable business partner

At Pendulum Associates, we put corporate social responsibility into practice by providing economic efficiencies for global corporate clients, as well as their networks of suppliers.

Our team specializes in turnkey solutions that are sustainable, ethical and beneficial to your company and supply chain, ensuring stronger working capital that fuels consistent growth for you and your trading partners.

Three themes guide everything we do

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach is inclusive of all suppliers, with a focus on providing small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) preferential arrangements that allow for an optimal trade relationship.

Ethics and Sustainability

All our programs are based on developing a terms landscape that is focused on supply chain health and continuity.

Executive Sponsorship

Terms optimization projects require senior leadership driving the organization for change. The overarching success of these projects relies on this level of engagement and support from your organization.

Terms that work for you and your suppliers

Offering payable terms that help generate working capital while also supporting your suppliers’ financial health is a challenge for many companies. Pendulum’s terms optimization services provide flexible solutions for your organization, ranging from in-depth reporting and training to a turnkey offering with end-to-end project management. Our team specializes in terms standardization and harmonization — a customized approach — for companies and their trading partners.

With any of the following three tiers of service, your company can start driving incremental value through your payable terms within 12 to 17 weeks.

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